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Beautiful Supermoto footpegs with rotary sliders 

Reducing the friction with asphalt when leaning 

Kit developed in races and on track to increase coolant flow all RPMs (specially for 450 SMK engines from 2022)

Thanks to the bigger impeller and revised geometry of the water pump cover the engine works at 8/10 °C lower than the original setting, thus reducing power loss from middle/end of the race and minor wear of the engine components in extreme heat conditions.

Impeller and cover are both are cnc machined from billet in aluminum with a finned surface wich matches perfectly our clutch cover
The kit includes fixing bolts, silicone hose and gasket

Carbonfiber Frame guard for TM Racing 450-530

Made of carbon-kevlar with autoclave process, prevents melting of the boots and race-suit on the pipe

Plug & Play installation with the metal strips provided in the kit, 

Available for:

SMK double exhaust models from  2020-> (ongoing)

Available in 




available for all bikes and brands

ask for availability 

Available in 






Available for all bike and brands

ask for availability 

Universal For sm project axle blocks

feomt and rear